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Voice Alarm systems are essential in public spaces and businesses to provide crucial information during emergencies and aid in safe evacuation. These systems must function continuously, report any malfunctions, and be user-friendly. ASL Voice Alarm systems are both scalable and reliable, utilizing minimal power for maximum cost savings. These systems have been employed in numerous buildings and transportation hubs worldwide, providing peace of mind to users

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Compliance & Cyber Security

ASL solutions are certified to meet the most rigorous British, European, and international standards, such as EN 54, BS5839-pt8, CSA, and UL, among others.

To safeguard the Voice Alarm system and guarantee uninterrupted operation, ASL’s solution provides full encryption and authentication of control and audio data, including 2Factor authentication for tools and configuration management.

High Efficiency

ASL’s innovative power amplifier and power supply design merge the superior audio performance anticipated from a professional audio system with the high efficiency and low quiescent consumption required for a battery-backed Life Safety System. ASL’s multichannel amplifiers can be tailored to provide the precise power output required for each zone, eliminating any excess power consumption.

The extremely low power consumption and heat output result in an extremely competitive cost of ownership.

Peace of Mind

With over 25 years of expertise in designing and developing Public Address and Voice Alarm products for critical infrastructure and transportation applications, ASL provides peace of mind. You can trust ASL solutions to function correctly and consistently throughout the system’s lifespan.

Our PAVA systems ensure the message is conveyed to the intended recipients at the appropriate time. The extended, dependable product life also translates to lower ownership and whole-life costs.

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