ASL - Virtual FAT Setup

Virtual FAT

As we endeavor to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the spread of COVID-19, many day-to-day services like the factory acceptance testing (FAT) have had to be revaluated. Especially as pausing, or worse, postponing these activities could have a serious impact on both project timescales and cost.

In response, ASL is now proud to offer the option of a virtual FAT. This is performed using Microsoft Teams and a host of high-definition PTZ cameras under the control of the systems engineer.  This new service can be used to supplement a traditional witnessed FAT or open up the experience to a wider global audience.

Although it is no technical novelty, ASL has been quick to embrace the latest technology and changed its workflows to accommodate a new norm.

Jason Dann Project Manager explains: “Despite the exceptional circumstances and additional setup, we are still able to successfully conduct a comprehensive system FAT, whilst offer our customer a substantial saving.” He goes on to add that: “This is only the start, we will continue to refine the process with the addition of new technology and customer feedback.”

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