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A note from our Director…

At ASL, we combine technological innovation with the comprehensive knowledge of our experienced team, to set new standards in all of our products.

We have a proven track record over the past three decades, that each generation of our product range has significantly reduced the lifecycle environmental impact compared to the previous generation. We have been continually reducing material usage, product size and weight, installed power consumption and shipping footprint. All ASL products  have the minimum disposal impact due to the use of RoHS and REACH compliant components. We have achieved this while maintaining high reliability, compatibility, and flexibility, and while bring fully certified to the highest relevant industry standards.

Our strategy is very simple, first, we strive to operate our business with a sharp focus on safety. Safety of our people; Safety of our community in which we operate; Safety of the communities where our products are deployed. Second, we aim to strengthen our sustainability initiatives by working closely with our stakeholders to contribute towards building a more sustainable world.   


Sousan Azimrayat on behalf of ASL

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