In the event of an emergency, communication between responders and those in the middle of the incident is vital. It is essential that safety information is conveyed clearly to those caught in the accident. As such, it is important to come up with state-of-the-art solutions that deal with these problems in an increasingly effective manner.

Founded in 1901, Zenitel has positioned itself as a market leader in terms of innovation and audio quality in critical communications on a global scale.

Zenitel’s acquisition of UK-based ASL cements their position even further. With a 32-year history and a market leading legacy in the public address voice alarms industry. As such, ASL presents a fine addition to Zenitel’s cutting edge roster of technological services and products, with a complimentary product range that builds on the existing synergies between the two.

Koen Claerbout, CEO of Zenitel, describes the company’s vision, and what sets the company apart in such a competitive market: “Zenitel has been around for more than 120 years now and through that time, the company has grown and evolved. However, our focus has always been to be a technology leader and that will never change. Joining forces with ASL has certainly strengthened our organisation and moving forward, we will continuously build the business step by step.”

He continues: “In addition to the fantastic products we already offer, we see a lot of opportunities with audio analytics and Artificial Intelligence to further enhance our solutions.” Integrating this contemporary research into effective new products and striving to improve their service across the board is how Zenitel consistently raises the technological bar.

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