In addition to the quality and reliability of our products, what sets ASL apart is the wealth of services and support we provide.

We pride ourselves that we’re not just a hardware manufacturer – our expert teams of trained engineers based in the UK and the Middle East are on hand to assist you at every stage, from the initial specification right through to final field commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

We offer true turnkey solutions by working closely alongside project consultants, specifiers and system integrators.


System Specification

Our application specialists can enter the system specification process at any stage – helping the consultant or specifier to design a solution to given criteria, meet a particular standard, address a particular challenge or provide input with the acoustic or speaker design. We collaborate with your team every step of the way to ensure the most effective solution.

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Solution Delivery

Our team of trained and experienced engineers are at your disposal offering a wide range of delivery services. These range from detailed requirement capture right through to system test and international export, all of which are detailed below:

System design

The technical project manager works with you to further develop your system specification into a bespoke ASL design capturing all configuration parameters, whilst ensuring all the relevant standards are maintained. Once the system design has been signed off, it is then passed onto our CAD team.

Computer aided design

We have a highly skilled team of CAD engineers who can turn the ASL system design into a series of detailed diagrams, allowing either our team or your team to build and cable system. While the standard diagram pack includes a general arrangement, terminal and wiring schematic, additional diagrams and custom templates may be added per your request. This also service also includes the generation of 2D / 3D models used within our iVENCS control system.

System build

We offer a range of build and test services out of our large 6,000 sq ft industrial unit. We have the space and facilities to comfortably build and test even the largest of multi-cabinet systems or deliver multiple smaller projects in parallel reducing lead times.

We pride ourselves on the excellent build quality of our racks which is consistently rated as ‘outstanding’ by our customers.

As an alternative to our full rack build service we can cable and test customised wiring looms, designed to make deployment of ASL equipment onsite into existing racks simple and straightforward.

System testing

To guarantee peace of mind and assure requirements are met, on completion of system build all systems undergo a comprehensive System Acceptance Test (SAT). This test includes an on-load soak, quality inspection, functional check and standards sign-off. All of this is carried out before the system leaves our factory, along with a full Portable Appliance Test (PAT) to ensure the highest electrical safety standards are met.

Our system engineers perform similar tests on all iVENCS control systems using representative third-party simulators and or iVENCS’s built in Training subsystem which mimics operation.

Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

In addition to our System Acceptance Test (SAT) we also offer a range of witnessable Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). These practical tests are for those who seek ultimate assurance that when the system arrives on site it will work as intended. While there are standard checks that are routinely conducted, additional inspection points can be added per your request ensuring any specific concerns are addressed.

The testing is hosted at our premises in the presence of the dedicated ASL team and up to 6 customer representatives. Alternatively, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and for those who are unable to attend, the session can be either recorded or live streamed.

Either way, it is an excellent opportunity to witness the system in action and make any last-minute modifications that might otherwise have to be implemented in the field, thus saving time and money.

During the session we offer a range of inhouse refreshments allowing your team to focus on the task in hand.

Logistics & delivery

We have extensive experience in logistics and delivery planning, allowing us to accommodate and support our international customers by ensuring export documentation is appropriate. Our dispatch team works with global delivery networks and will arrange for your equipment to be delivered where you need it, when you need it. This includes special considerations like wooden crating for sea or air travel. We also maintain a large stock holding in our UK warehouse to ensure minimal lead times.


Commissioning support image ASL


Project Management

We believe that communication is the key to success, and so from the drawing board to final commissioning, we are in constant dialogue with our clients. This single point of contact is there to make sure everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Other benefits include; no need to re-explain and most importantly increased trust and dependability.


Site Services

Our team of trained and experienced site engineers are on hand to help you with a wide range of site services both in the UK and abroad. The team has a combined 80 years’ experience in configuring, commissioning and troubleshooting PAVA and iVENCS systems in the field, so you can be sure they’ll have the answer. These services range from an initial survey through to commissioning support and complex system upgrades, all of which are detailed below:

Site survey

We offer both intrusive and non-intrusive site surveys to determine current system status and potential project scope, whether it be an upgrade of the existing system or a new build. This can be tailored to your requirements and may include a visual inspection, configuration extraction and speaker line impedance testing. We can also evaluate your existing installation, including an ASL system performance check to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained. A full report is provided on completion.

Commissioning support

Once the PAVA or iVENCS system is installed one of our experienced site engineers can support your team with a range of commissioning and integration activities. This service ensures that the equipment was fitted and installed as per the manufacturer’s and industry’s best practice standards. A fully commissioned installation provides reassurance to the end user. We can also use this opportunity to work with your trained team and pass on knowledge and answers any field-specific questions.

Alternatively, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, our team of engineers can be on call 24/7 remotely, via both phone or TeamViewer, ready to support your commissioning team as and when required, thus saving time and money.

System upgrades

We have VAR-based systems in the field that are still operational after 15+ years of continuous use. However, over time hardware becomes obsolete and new technologies are released, such as IP routing and higher availability. Existing customers are keen to benefit from these whilst ensuring their systems remain operational for another 15+ years.

To support this, ASL’s next generation range of VIPEDIA routers offer a clean upgrade path. They are designed to be compatible with existing site peripherals, interfaces and the V400 range. In addition to the hardware, our skilled site support team working alongside local install teams, have successfully delivered site upgrades at even the most complex sites. Our team can also help with practical works such as change-over methodology and commissioning, whilst our Integration partners are onsite to assist.

This upgrade option improves overall return on investment, minimises costs of upgrades, and ensures that obsolescence is managed effectively.

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Extra site services

Our services are design to complement those provided by any proficient systems integrator. If you need site installation, cable pulling, site drawings or STI inspections, we would be more than happy to recommend a suitable and experienced integrator or acoustician.




We run a wide range of training courses covering all our products and systems that cater for all user types and skill levels.

If you are responsible for system integration, configuration or maintenance, we offer comprehensive courses that cover everything from public address and voice alarm system fundamentals, to configuring routers, amplifiers and peripherals. Upon completion of the course, attendees can confidently demonstrate that they can install, configure and maintain ASL systems and products.

We offer operator training for users of our control systems that covers the basics, ensuring you are confident and comfortable with using our equipment or managing a site under the protection of an ASL system.

We believe a hands-on approach is the best way to learn. With no more than six students per class and 2 students per training equipment, experienced trainers can offer one-to-one guidance.

All training is offered at our UK headquarters in our dedicated training facility, or we can make arrangements to come to your site or office. Naturally, in view of the current climate, we also offer select training programs online and are investing heavily in our online training portal which is designed to complement live sessions.

We also offer fully bespoke courses that are specifically designed around you and your project requirements.

Please get in touch today and we’ll advise on what courses and training options would best suit your requirements.



3rd line maintenance

For critical sites that require the peace of mind offered by direct manufacturer support we offer an extensive range of annual 3rd line maintenance contracts, all of which can be fully tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedicated technical support team has a wealth of experience in configuring, commissioning and troubleshooting PAVA and iVENCS systems. Direct access to the R&D teams, software engineers and product developers enables our tech support personnel to identify and resolve issues without unnecessary delay.

Our standard 3rd line annual maintenance contracts may be tailored to include:

  • An initial site survey to ensure our engineers know the complexities of your site
  • Remote telephone support
  • Routine system health checks, both onsite and remote
  • 24/7/365 telephone support
  • Service Level Agreements with varying response times (SLAs)<1hr, <4hr and <7.5hr
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Onsite upgrades to long term support (LTS) firmware
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Enhanced ASL Helpdesk login and knowledge base access
  • Reduced training pricing
  • Extended warranties
  • System firmware upgrades
  • And more…

If you require additional support in other areas, our maintenance contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements.

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Remote helpdesk

Our online helpdesk is a post-sales technical support service available during system commissioning. Customers can raise a ticket via our online portal for technical support, product repairs or any other technical query. It also offers access to an extensive knowledge base which may help some customers resolve issues on their own.

To ensure nothing is missed, support tickets are tracked and progress monitored.

Individual users can log in to see their own cases, and access the growing knowledge base, while company managers have access to all support tickets for their company allowing visibility of support for larger customers.

If required, this service can be extended passed commissioning or enhanced to provide one-to-one support and guaranteed response times as part of a 3rd line maintenance contract.

We’re always here if you need us.