X400 Power Amplifier Mainframe



X400 Power Amplifier Mainframe

The X400 Multi-channel Amplifier Mainframe is a 2U rack mount unit which combines amplification, loudspeaker line monitoring, loudspeaker circuit isolation, and standby amplifier switchover functions.

The mainframe is designed to operate with dual power supplies: 230 V AC mains supply and 24 V DC battery supply.

Amplification is provided by high efficiency and low quiescent current modular amplifiers using ASL proprietary Adaptive Class D technology. The X400 can be fitted with the ASL MX series 100 V PA/VA amplifier modules in any of the following combinations:

  • 4 x MX100
  • 2 x MX200
  • 1 x MX400
  • 1 x MX200 + 2 x MX100

Loudspeaker line monitoring is provided using AC (AEL02) or DC surveillance. The X400 connects to the ASL VIPEDIA series of Audio Routers for configuration and fault  reporting using ASL’s Audio-CAN Network. Up to 63 X400 can be connected to the Audio-CAN Network.


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