VIPEDIA-12-NET DSP, IP Networking and Audio Matrix



VIPEDIA-12-NET DSP, IP Networking and Audio Matrix

ASL's VIPEDIA-12 audio controller provides 24 channels of high-quality digital signal processing (12 inputs and 12 outputs), IP networking, and comprehensive control all in a single cost-effective 19" rack mount enclosure.

Using Digital Back Bone (DBB), up to four VIPEDIA-12 routers can be locally linked within a single cabinet. Providing a powerful 48×48 way simultaneous routing matrix with sub millisecond latency. The VIPEDIA-12 also integrates seamlessly with ASL’s V400, X400 and V2000 amplifier ranges to provide full EN 54 amplification, monitoring and fault reporting. This includes the monitoring and control of up to 64x (V400 / X400) or 32x (V2000) amplifier mainframes and their associated amplifier modules.

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ASL’s PMC audio over IP technology

VIPEDIA supports ASL’s PMC audio over IP technology; providing uncompressed, low bandwidth, multi- channel, high definition audio. PMC can be deployed over a standard layer 3 IP network, which enables distributed systems to be produced using existing standard infrastructure.

Optimise Intelligibility and pro performance

 Enhanced 32 bit internal processing provides a wide range of signal processing features, supported by an easy to use set of PC based tools for system adjustment. Ensuring a performance so precise and transparent, you won’t miss a word.

Flexible paging and background music

VIPEDIA-12 is the ideal choice when delivering flexible paging and background music into medium Voice Alarm installations, yet VIPEDIA’s flexible SecureLoop IP networking, and DBB scaleability make it equally suited to larger distributed applications. Plus VIPEDIA interoperates seamlessly with ASL’s wall mount INTEGRA solution.

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