VIPA-WS Public Address Workstations



VIPA-WS Public Address Workstations

ASL’s VIPA-WS is a PC-based touchscreen workstation which provides both control and monitoring of an ASL PAVA system.

Simple and intuitive to use for both live and pre-recorded announcements, triggered from buttons or from a 2D graphical screen VIPA-WS, and also provides comprehensive background music control and an advanced message scheduler. 

The VIPA-WS and MPS operate together as a paging microphone, with full integration between the desk microphone and graphic display. Thus the PA zones can be selected for a broadcast either on the graphic display or using physical microphone buttons, and the PTT can be Pressed To Talk either on the graphic display or on the microphone itself. The VIPA-WS100 also provides a background music routing function, controlling a music feed that is connected into the VIPA-WS’s analogue audio input.

Fault and status reporting is provided for the PA system, and is also provided for any third party equipment which has its fault or status contact outputs connected to the system

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Public Address Touchscreen GUI​

The VIPA-WS is a PC-based 23″ touchscreen GUI offering control and monitoring of an ASL Public Address or Voice Alarm system.​

This graphical microphone display is used alongside a separate microphone, such as the MPS IP-enabled microphone. The Press-to-Talk selection can be located either on the ouchscreen or on the physical microphone itself.

Live and Pre-recorded Messages​

The VIPA-WS has access to pre-recorded messages held in the VIPA-WS in the PC itself.

In addition to using the associated microphone for live announcements, the VIPA-WS has access to pre-recorded messages held in the VIPA-WS in the PC itself. These messages can be immediately broadcast to any selection of zones, or they can be scheduled for timed broadcast. New Digital Voice Announcement (DVA) messages can be readily added by the user.

Button or 2D Map Display​

The VIPA-WS can use touch-screen buttons for zone selection.​

The buttons will change status when selected, and ‘zone busy’ and other activity can also be seen on the screen. For a larger system, or one where a topographical representation is required, then a 2D map of the building or facility can be loaded onto the workstation and zones can be selected from the map.


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