VAVE Public Address Control and Supervision Software



VAVE Public Address Control and Supervision Software

Versatile yet intuitive Public Address control and supervision front end software for ASL’s range of audio controllers

Our next generation Windows based application provides a versatile yet intuitive User Interface (UI), enabling non-emergency control and monitoring of ASL’s range of audio controllers. The touch screen friendly navigational structure and large target areas are a benefit to all user, regardless of whether they’re using their mouse or their hands.

Furthermore, the use of standard IP networking and simple configuration methodology makes deployment in the field onto commercial off-the-shelf hardware straightforward.

VAVE was created from the ground up with various audiences in mind, whether that be the integrator, maintainer or operator, focusing on their needs, values and abilities. VAVE is the ideal choice when delivering flexible live paging and prerecorded message playback into simple installations; yet the advanced feature set makes it equally suited to more complex applications that require automation, background music control, volume adjustment and or detailed supervision.


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Public Address Element

VAVE’s implementation delivers the entertainment element as a ‘layer’ of functionality above and independent of the core Voice Alarm capabilities of the ASL System. This approach offers both the flexibility and control demanded by the user, and peace of mind that the emergency functions of the Voice Alarm system cannot be compromised

Typical Applications

 Typical applications range from simple office blocks, transportation hubs and hotels, where advanced features such as volume control and audio routing are not required. Through to complex stadia, exhibition halls, tunnels and multi building campuses where full control is essential. This is all made possible with feature based customisation. This level of control improves usability and efficiency by hiding features that are not needed

Configuration and Access Control

Configuring VAVE is easy! Simply install the application on a suitable Windows 10 device and then load your ASL PAVA SCT System configuration. From here the administrator can quickly set local privileges, manage PIN access, and customise the UI required. All configuration settings can be easily exported for backup purposes and fast redeployment.


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