V2000-STBY Power Amplifier Standby Interface Module for the V2000



V2000-STBY Power Amplifier Standby Interface Module for the V2000

The V2000-STBY external standby capability enables optimum assignment of standby amplifiers within complex systems to enhance overall system reliability while providing maximum flexibility of design.

 The V2000STBY is an EN5416 compliant optional Standby Interface Card that can be used with V2000 Voice Alarm Amplifier Mainframes to provide control of hot swappable ASL D Series power amplifier modules across different V2000 Frames.

The standby interface card has RJ45 control connections and a 100V daisy chain connection for looping to other frames.

 Standby amplification can be provided internally within the V2000 or by means of an external standby amplifier. Use of an internal standby amplifier requires no standby wiring to be made. Use of an external standby amplifier requires a V2000STBY module to provide the standby control and 100V speaker line connections between the V2000  frames

V2000-STBY - ASL Image

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