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Turbine Compact Series

The Turbine IP Intercom Station Series offers incomparable audio quality providing HD voice with 110 dB audio pressure.

Turbine operates on a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) platform connecting to any iPBX Audio Servers and serverless with IC-EDGE. The Turbine series has an exclusive design and comes with 37 intercom variants offering communication solutions for all environments including building security, industry and infrastructure. 

The Turbine IP Intercom Stations are designed to withstand treacherous situations including extreme fluctuations in temperature, vandalism, noisy, dirty, and dusty environments. The Turbine IP Intercom Station products deliver users with HD quality audio in a rugged, reliable package.

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One product range - Two different platforms


IC-EDGE is a serverless communication
platform that’s embedded in our IP Intercom and IP PA devices. Easy to deploy, use and maintain. Ideal for SMB companies.


We understand that some customers prefer to keep the number of servers and other hardware to a minimum. All our devices
support the SIP protocol, enabling them to be used in any VoIP communication platform that supports SIP.



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