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Training System

iVENCS PA adds public address control and monitoring to iVENCS, to enhance an operators ability to broadcast to a singlezone, single site or multiple sites.

System operators can select any PA zones on the 3D GUI to make live microphone broadcasts, stored message broadcasts, or Text-to-Speech broadcasts, and can also control the broadcast of background  music

ASL ivencs Training module

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Effective public address

The system can provide announcements in multiple languages, and each recorded message is able to be saved in any number of languages. The operators can then use a default language, or set of languages, for any particular announcement.

Control background music

Different background music can be broadcast in each PA zone, and the volume of each music source can be controlled as required, with the option for a built-in MP3 playlist facility that can run four music playlists within the iVENCS software.

Visual aids

The Main GUI displays the priority of any announcement that is being made in each PA zone by shading the ‘button’ or area of that PA zone on the 3D GUI, where the priority of any announcement is shown by the colour of the shading

Scheduled broadcasts

The PA broadcast scheduler allows any recorded PA or Text-to-Speech message to be automatically played at regular intervals – on particular days of the week, between configured times, and even between specific start and end dates.

This scheduler is ideally suited to making automated security and safety announcements and other similar routine broadcasts, such as passenger transfer information, train arrivals and departures, and local ‘tourist’ information.


Fault logging

For audit and review purposes, the PA System provides a log of all of its broadcast announcements. This includes details of the individual stages of each message announcement, and includes error reports if a message cannot be broadcast for any reason. This facility can be used to prove if a specific broadcast was made at a particular location at a particular time, and to give the exact details of the message that was broadcast.

In addition the system has an optional built-in voice recording facility, so that the exact words spoken in any live announcement can also be available for audit or other review purposes



The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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