SPCM-50W-65-EN54 Ceiling Loudspeaker 50W



SPCM-50W-65-EN54 Ceiling Loudspeaker 50W

The SPCM-50W-65-EN54 is a 50W 100V 2-Way ceiling loudspeaker fitted with a Firedome for Voice Alarm applications.

The speaker is fitted with a 100V transformer with four power level adjustment tappings of 50W, 25W, 12.5W and 6.25W, selectable using a rotary switch on the front of the speaker, behind the grille.

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Key Specifications


Power Tappings
50 / 25 / 12.5 / 6.25 (8) W
Frequency Range
65 - 24,000 Hz
EN 54-24


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SPCM-50-65-EN54 CF2 File n/a328.29 KB13-04-2021 Download
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SPCM-50W-65-EN54 EASE GLL File v1033.50 KB30-12-2020 Download

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