SPCF-AB-12W-80-EN54 A&B Ceiling Loudspeaker



SPCF-AB-12W-80-EN54 A&B Ceiling Loudspeaker

The SPCF-AB-12W-80-EN54 is a 12W 100V flush mount ceiling loudspeaker.

Fitted internally with two independent speaker chassis and 100V transformers, providing excellent sound quality with speech and background music, and which is certified to EN54-24.

The two independent internal speakers enable a single on of these loudspeakers to be connected to both the A and B loudspeaker lines in a Voice Alarm system, and to provide full independent A&B operation at low cost. In the case of a failure of either speaker or speaker line then the dual redundant operation will enable the speaker to continue
operating, simply with a reduction in the audio SPL of 3dB. The  speaker’s 100V transformers provide three power adjustment tappings of 2 x 6W, 2 x 3W, and 2 x 1.5W

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Key Specifications


Power Tappings
2 x 6 / 2 x 3 / 2 x 1.5 W
BS 5839 Part 8
EN 54-24


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