RPA01 Handheld Radio Microphone



RPA01 Handheld Radio Microphone

The RPA01 Roving PA Radio Microphone Transmitter is a multi-channel UHF handheld microphone, which is designed to work with the ASL Radio Microphone Receiver.

The RPA01 incorporates an internal aerial and microphone, and has ten selectable channels. The unit features a LCD display to show the selected channel number and the battery level.

 The RPA01 has excellent microphone acoustics, and its front facing microphone gives low
susceptibility to acoustic feedback. It also generates a non-standard pilot tone frequency that gates the ASL Radio Microphone Receivers, to prevent announcements from unauthorised transmitters from being heard.

A fully charged battery generally lasts for up to 7 hours of continuous talk time, which translates to several days of normal operational use. The RPA01 is supplied with a belt clip and  lanyard fixing, with breakaway link lanyard, as standard.

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