NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01 Managed IP Network Switch

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NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01 Managed IP Network Switch

The NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01 is a Managed Industrial Switch specifically designed to suit heavy industrial environments and contains all the standard features to deploy ASL's Secure Loop.

The switch is built with dual redundant power inputs to ensure reliability, maximise network uptime and ensure compliance with EN 54-16, when configured in accordance with the ASL’s EN 54 System Design Guides.

Other integrated features of the switch such as Port Isolation, Rate Limitation, and Auto-negotiation optimise network performance and provide a secure network, offering a cost-effective solution in a small but powerful package.


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Hardened components

The NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01 is engineered with hardened components and enclosed in a rugged IP30 aluminium case and can operate from -40°C to 75°C with an excellent capacity for tolerance to high vibration and shock.

Management functions

The NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01 is equipped with a variety of management functions that let you configure communication parameters as you desire and monitor the network behaviour in several but simple ways.

ASL's secure loop

Even a few seconds of missed communications due to link failures can cause inconvenience, and recovery can become critical. NETWORK-SWITCH-LP01’s proprietary Xpress Ring rapidly reacts to such link failures and recovers in less than 10ms, a much faster fail-over time to support nonstop transmissions.


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