MX400 400W Power Amplifier Module for the X400

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MX400 400W Power Amplifier Module for the X400

The MX400 is a 400W high efficiency Class-D Amplifier for the X400 range of Public address and Voice Evacuation amplifiers.

The MX400 is one of a range of high-efficiency Class-D Amplifiers for Public Address and Voice Evacuation applications. The amplifier is housed in an X400 Amplifier Mainframe. The MX400 will deliver 400W @ 100V.

The unique design negates the need to ‘sleep’ the amplifiers when in a quiescent state. This improves efficiency and reduces heat dissipation.

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Manageable and cost effective upgrade path

The ANS04 will work with the whole range of ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and with ASL’s VIPA IP-based PA systems. Providing a manageable and cost effective upgrade path.

High & Low Range

The ANS04-ES can be used in a range of settings

Operating with background noise levels from 55 to 95 dB(A), the ANS04-ES can be used in wide range of applications and challenging environments.

Extended Temperature

Designed to operate over temperatures from -40°C to +50°C

Designed to operate in the most harsh and demanding enviormants. Working relaiably in the Norwigian snow or UAE sunshine.


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