The iVENCS SCADA module provides monitoring, control and data acquisition for additional equipment, with status and fault reporting and simple to use control functions.

The iVENCS SCADA subsystem provides monitoring, control and data acquisition functions for additional equipment. As with most SCADA systems, the emphasis is on status and fault reporting, with simple-to-use control functions.

The iVENCS system can be used as a top level SCADA integration platform when it is required to include status reports from a third party external SCADA or BMS Building Management System together with all of the iVENCS system’s other status reports. The iVENCS SCADA is ideal for the provision of a Telecoms Monitoring System, or TMS.

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Interactive 2D schematics

Interactive System schematics can be used in addition to showing the monitored and controlled equipment on the 3D GUI. This gives the best of both worlds, showing the equipment’s actual location and geographical context, and enabling a system to be viewed, monitored and controlled as a single entity.

Typical schematics will be used to show IP network connectivity and the IP equipment status, to show systems such as pumps and ducts, or to illustrate the operation of smoke extract vents, pumps, and dampers.

Integrated with the monitored equipment

The IVENCS SCADA system can be integrated with the monitored equipment via third party or ASL Remote Terminal RTU units, and using contact, serial, or IP interfaces, SNMP, ModBus, BACNET, or whatever other interfaces and protocols are available.

Subsystem integration

Access Control System

  • To be able to report on the open/closed and locked/unlocked status of all access doors
  • To enable the SMS operators to unlock individual doors
  • To show the doors as open or closed on the 3D Site GUI

Intruder Detection System

  • to be able to report on intruder detection events


  • To be able to report on the status of the lighting
  • To enable the SMS operators to control the lighting

Drainage Pumps

  • To be able to report on the status of the drainage pumps
  • To enable the SMS operators to enable the drainage pumps

Power Supplies

  • To be able to report on the status of the Main power supplies


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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