NMS Network Monitoring System




NMS Network Monitoring System

iVENCS Network adds a sophisticated network monitoring package fully integrated into the iVENCS Control System

iVENCS Network Monitoring operates as a subsystem within the core server and workstation software, and shows the current and historical status of the control system’s IP network.

Network Monitoring offers the operators a complete view of the status of the site’s IP equipment, network, server, and workstation processes. Detailed status reports greatly simplify the installation and maintenance activities associated both with the iVENCS Control System and with the IP networked subsystem equipment. The system is scalable to efficiently monitor a large number of devices, so that the performance and health of even the largest systems can be monitored without requiring excessive server or network bandwidth.

ASL ivencs SNMP module

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Visual equipment monitoring

The NetMon system works in conjunction with the core iVENCS fault reporting functionality, which provides simple aggregated views of status data from all of the controlled and monitored equipment.

The iVENCS 3D Site GUI enables the various system devices to be shown in the appropriate location within the site, while NetMon enables the status of equipment to be shown direct on photos of the equipment racks themselves. Typically NetMon will provide plan drawings of the equipment rooms which show consolidated status reports for each equipment rack, with the status of each rack shown through the use of coloured icons.

various methods

The system’s servers, workstations, and other IP connected devices such as IP Help Points and CCTV Cameras can be monitored by various methods, including SNMP polling and traps, IP pinging and log files.

24/7 status reports

iVENCS NetMon operates 24/7, continually monitoring the system equipment, and logging the results. This enables a timeline to be provided for all equipment, with status results for all equipment being logged at a rate of up to every minute. Faults are simply shown on the timeline in red while correct operation is shown in green.

NetMon avoids the situation of an engineer arriving on site only to find that a reported problem is Intermittent, and cannot be identified because it is not occurring at that time.



The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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