iVENCS Line and Station Management System




iVENCS Line and Station Management System

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Line and Station Management System (LSMS) provides an entirely integrated distributed control system, built upon ASL’s established iVENCS Control Software.

The LSMS provides the ability to control and monitor all aspects of Line, Depot, Station and On-Train systems, with full integration with your Train Control and Signalling System. The LSMS can provide powerful Operational Control Centre (OCC) and local station workstations, plus Line Overview Video Walls which combine reporting of equipment status and alarms  with CCTV views.

Integrating the iVENCS LSMS with your Train and Signalling Control system enables the trains to be managed at the required Safety Integrity Level, while iVENCS provides the operators at the OCC and at the stations with powerful and simple to use telecoms and security controls.

Rail Concourse and large PIS Display view - ASL image

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2D and True 3D Graphics

iVENCS offers both a traditional 2D view and ASL’s award-winning 3D control graphics. The line operators can view the railway line as a 2D map, and can drill down to 3D views of the stations and depot. The line map can even show the moving trains in their actual positions, and, with WiFi line networking, can enable drill down into 3D views of the trains.

Integration with the Signalling and Train Control system enables iVENCS to show the trains arriving at the stations, with train models shown at the 3D station platforms. The operators can board stopped trains from the platform to open up the on-train view. The in-train view can then provide access to the on-train systems, including the PA and CCTV. This provides an ideal control surface for use of the CCTV to following persons of interest between the stations and trains.   

Line and Station Subsystems

iVENCS’ open standards platform enables integration with all Line, Station, and On-train systems. Typical subsystems include:

  • Passenger and Customer Information
  • Fire Alarm and Voice Alarm Systems
  • Wayside and On-Train CCTV
  • Wayside and On-Train Help Points
  • Access Control
  • Intruder Detection
  • SCADA, for all Wayside and On-Train systems – Lifts, Escalators, Pumps, Emergency Lighting, Depot Equipment, Points Heaters, Train Systems, etc.

„iVENCS can also provide an integrated Training System, with trainer’s and trainees’ workstations operating in a full simulated environment.

Remote Condition Monitoring

iVENCS’ Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) provides maintenance information on all of the integrated trains, signalling, trackside and station assets, to help drive down maintenance and failure costs, and increasing operational efficiency.

Capable of processing all of the supplied data points from each train, iVENCS’ Remote Condition Monitoring provides preventative maintenance triggers directly into your Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS).

Together, iVENCS and your EAMS will provide your asset maintainers with hassle-free scheduling of works orders for on-time preventative maintenance, as each of the monitored assets show signs of degradation.

ASL - iVENCS Three Monitors

Line Overview Video Wall

The iVENCS LSMS offers full Line Overview Video Wall functionality, for completely integrated visual control and management of Wayside and On-Train CCTV.

LSMS integration with your Train Control System will provide the status of the train operations, plus CCTV views and line operational information on your Line Overview and Video Wall. With real time feedback on the line’s performance against the agreed KPIs, plus Embedded Alarm and incident information, all together in a single wall.

‘Drag and Drop’ functionality allows the Line Operators to swap System Overview CCTV views from the video wall to their desktop.

Performance Management Reporting

Comprehensive Performance Management is provided via business Information Dashboards and automated report outputs. Up to date KPI reporting is provided locally, and is remotely accessible by the line management via web browser interfaces. iVENCS’ instant reporting allows operators and management to immediately correlate performance against business targets and live situations ‘on the ground’.

The iVENCS Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards enable use of enhanced reporting techniques, including graphs and trend curves. For more detail, users can drill down to the detailed information behind the top level summary information. Reports can be automatically printed and emailed, and can be available to the company management from their own PCs in time for the regular management report cycle

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