PHP Help Point System




PHP Help Point System

The iVENCS Help Point module provides integrated presentation and response controls for Help Points across a site, multiple sites, buildings, railway lines, railway stations, and on trains.

With iVENCS’ intuitive 3D user interface and dedicated on-screen sidebar, users have quick and easy access to all the tools required to manage incoming calls from multiple locations, and with different call priorities. The Help point system can integrate with third party systems using proprietary interfaces, and can also integrate with industry standard SIP VoIP based Help Points and Emergency Call Points. iVENCS can present multiple manufacturer’s Help Point systems as if they were one.

ASL ivencs Help Point module

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Call Queue Display

The permanently displayed Help Point sidebar gives users a quick overview of  the incoming call queue, the current active call, and all calls that are on hold. All live calls are identified with priority colouring for easy visibility on which calls need immediate attention. The sidebar enables users to make and receive calls, put calls on or off hold, and to transfer calls. New calls can be accepted while putting an existing call on hold.

Address Book

Incoming calls fetch data from the iVENCS Address Book and display the information associated with the call plus the Caller ID. Thus the user knows who is calling and where the call is coming from.

The Address Book has a search functionality and the option to apply filters, making it easy to search for and find particular locations or Help Points for outgoing calls.

Call Log

The Call Log keeps a record of all calls. Information on each call is stored, including what time it was received, where the call was made from, and who and where the call was made to.

iVENCS will also integrate with third party voice recording systems, providing a log of precise and accurate data for auditing and review purposes.


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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