Fire Safety Management




Fire Safety Management

The iVENCS Fire Safety Management module integrates Fire Alarm detection and response with CCTV, Access Control, PA, Display messaging, and all the other iVENCS subsystems, for full integrated control across multiple sites, buildings, railway lines and railway stations.

 iVENCS provides unparalleled control of an emergency. On alarm, the 3D GUI will automatically zoom to display the evacuation zone where the device has been activated. In addition the GUI will show the relevant muster and fire control points.

ASL ivencs Fire module

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Immediate Response

With a full SDK integration, the primary operator view is designed to enable efficient management of an incident. It gives a list of any fire activations, provides the cause and effect for all devices in a selected zone, and has an inter-user message board.

By selecting any zone, the operator will be shown the site’s operational procedures for that zone, to guide them through their required actions in the event of an activation. On alarm, the site’s procedures for the activated zone will be automatically displayed

Efficient Management

With a full SDK integration, the Maintenance page provides dedicated functions for the Fire Alarm System’s maintenance operators. This includes details and status for all of the system’s zones and devices, the system’s cause and effect settings, and the Voice Alarm settings. The operators are able to view and control device disablements and to adjust the Voice Alarm settings from this page.

The Maintenance page also shows the FAS panel logs, and has a maintenance log for the FAS. The maintenance log enables the engineers to view and record all of the maintenance activities carried out on the FAS.


FAS Integration Methods

The iVENCS Fire Safety Management module utilises full SDK Fire Panel integration or contact interfacing.

A contact  based integration with the Fire Alarm System can provide Pre-Fire and Fire Alarm warnings to the iVENCS operators, plus fire detection zone indications on the iVENCS 3D GUI together with a Fire Alarm warning banner giving details of all of the active detection zones.

A full SDK integration can add individual detector status indications, evacuation zone status, FAS panel status and full maintenance interface to the contact based functionality.


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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