iVENCS Control System




iVENCS Control System

The iVENCS Control System is an open and intuitive integrated management platform. Offering comprehensive control, monitoring, and incident analysis across all transport and site safety, security and communications subsystems, iVENCS sits at the heart of transport, building and site management.


The iVENCS Control System core integrates any required mix of subsystems into a single easy to use whole. Subsystems have their own dedicated controls and schematic views, while all of the integrated equipment is presented on a powerful true 3D model of your installation. iVENCS can integrate systems across multiple sites, buildings, railway lines or railway stations, and includes both built-in help and an optional training simulator.

 iVENCS can integrate with Train and Signalling control systems, and Remote Condition Monitoring or Performance Reporting can be included. From small site management to large sites, iVENCS can be as comprehensive as you require.

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3D and 2D Viewing Options

iVENCS offers both a traditional 2D view and ASL’s award-winning 3D view, to allow the user to digitally navigate around the site, building, or railway line, and even onto mobile locations such as on trains.

The 2D view allows users to view site maps at a top-level. This view is helpful for gaining a quick overview of large site applications, such as multiple stations over a railway line, a depot or a large international airport site.

The intuitive 3D view enables the user much more in-depth control, with the ability to zoom into the buildings, stations, or trains, and to see the status of the equipment at each location.

Fault and Status Reporting

iVENCS continuously monitors both its own health, the status of its subsystems, and the status of all   associated devices. Each alarm is configured using a prioritised alarm structure, each with their own alerts and configurable pop-up warning banners.

3D and 2D GUI status icons can be used to show operating statuses, such as doors being open or closed, the direction of escalator movement, and the position of lifts and barriers. Operator instructions can be provided direct from the Alarm List, for immediate advice when it is needed.

Flexible User Permissions

Different admin rights can be configured in iVENCS for groups of users according to their roles. For instance, a site maintainer’s account can be configured to receive full detailed device statuses for comprehensive monitoring of the systems, whilst the account for a site operator can receive simplified and filtered service affecting alarms, without all of the detailed clutter.

Each operator can be provided with different subsystems monitoring and control permissions, based on their role, or on their training.

Flexible Hardware Implementations

iVENCS’ advanced features allow for tiered operation across multiple sites with failover and redundancy between operational and remote or local backup locations. There are many implementation options to suit different needs, budgets and requirements.

iVENCS can be installed onto any number of workstations. For smaller applications, just one PC with a built-in server will suffice, whilst at the other end of the scale, multiple-server or data centre systems can offer dual or multiple redundancy and enable the management of large complex sites and distributed systems with an almost unlimited number of monitoring and control points.

A Custom Solution

According to which subsystems you wish to monitor and control, you can add any number of iVENCS modules to the iVENCS Core package. iVENCS can simultaneously control multiple subsystems including Public Address, Passenger Information, Fire, CCTV, Digital Signage, Network Monitoring, Building Management Solutions, SCADA, and more.

From small site management to large sites, iVENCS can be as comprehensive as you require.


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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