CIS / PIS Customer Information System




CIS / PIS Customer Information System

The iVENCS Customer and Passenger Information System provides simultaneous and synchronised control of both the audible PA system and visual CIS / PIS Displays across multiple sites, buildings, railway lines, railway stations, and on trains.

 The iVENCS PIS module provides all of the facilities of the iVENCS Public Address module, but provides these facilities for both audible PA broadcasts and for integrated Visual Displays. Thus, the PIS system provides live speech and free format text messaging, recorded PA messages and associated textual display messages, immediate operator announcements and automated scheduled announcements, multi-lingual messaging, plus PA zone listen in and PIS Display mimic views. The iVENCS PIS module also provides the facility for automated train or flight PA broadcasts, in association to showing the associated train or flight information on the Passenger Information Displays.

ASL ivencs PIS module

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Voice Alarm Integration

iVENCS PIS provides the ability to make both routine operational announcements, and to make Emergency Alert and Evacuation announcements. The iVENCS display drivers permanently check the status of the local ASL Voice Alarm system, and if an Emergency evacuation or alert audio broadcast is made then the PIS displays in the Voice Alarm zone will automatically replace the whole of the current display screen with an appropriate full screen emergency message. The emergency messaging can be unique to each display location, and to different types of emergency announcement.

PIS Display Mimic

The iVENCS PIS workstations can mimic any selected display, to show the operators the actual text, video, and graphics currently being shown on that display.

A text-only view of the displayed messaging is also available, and can show the text from a number of selected displays at once.

Information Display

Automated Customer and Passenger information display information and PA broadcasts can be made in multiple languages.

The system can store and play back recorded user messages in multiple languages, with each stored message  able to be saved in any number of languages. The operators can store any particular language or languages for each message.

Announcement Scheduler

The PIS Announcement scheduler allows any stored PA audio and  PIS display text message to be automatically played at regular intervals – on particular days of the week, between configured times, and even between specific start and end dates.

This scheduler is ideally suited to making automated security and safety announcements and other similar routine broadcasts, such as passenger transfer information, and local ‘tourist’ information.


Infotainment and Advertising

The iVENCS Infotainment Scheduler provides control of the infotainment and advertising display schedule on each of the Displays. Corporate information or advertising campaigns can be created with video or still imagery playing at configurable intervals or pre-set times for a specific date range, across any PIS zone or on any individual displays. The Advertising Log confirms which content has been displayed on which displays, and when.

The logged advertising display times include allowances for times when an advertising video is interrupted by a higher priority announcement. It also allows for times in which any display or displays are non-operational and not able to display the adverts or corporate messaging. 


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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