CCTV Control System




CCTV Control System

The iVENCS CCTV module can use individual IP CCTV cameras, or be integrated with a full CCTV subsystem or systems. iVENCS can provide control and monitoring of an entire site's CCTV equipment, or can integrate disparate equipment from different manufacturers, spread across multiple sites, buildings, railway lines, railway stations, and on trains.


Operators can view the surroundings in real-time via the iVENCS 3D model, and be alerted to any incident captured on CCTV as it occurs by use of the CCTV camera or subsystem video analytics. The module includes routing of video to third-party monitors, or to built-in iVENCS workstation monitors with on-monitor controls, and third party or ASL iVENCS video wall control. CCTV functions include recording control, event logging, ‘walk the route’ sequences, and integration with other subsystems including intruder detection, fire detection, help points, and access control.

ASL ivencs CCTV module

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Response Automation

Cause and Effect rules can be set up to automatically control which CCTV views are displayed, so that the appropriate CCTV view is provided along with any other alarm or status report. As an event such as a help point call, access attempt or intruder detection occurs, iVENCS will switch the nearby camera’s view onto the workstation monitor or video wall.

iVENCS can also control CCTV recording in response to incident detection.

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If an incident has occurred on site, or someone has been reported as behaving suspiciously, iVENCS CCTV enables the user to immediately view the area and to easily track any suspects.

‘Tracker’ mode enables users to simply click on an area on the 3D site model to select all CCTV cameras with coverage of the selected area, and to display those camera views on the workstation monitor or video wall.

Walk the Route

If a site operator wants to regularly view a particular route around the site or building, the iVENCS ‘Walk the Route’ CCTV Sequences feature can be used. The operator can select a sequence of cameras, and iVENCS will then automatically show each camera in the sequence one after the other. This enables a virtual walk around the site, to monitor all areas. Sequences can be stopped, paused, and stepped through either forwards or backwards. All sequences are stored on the system, and are always available for future use.

Camera Control

Intuitive camera control allows the operator to easily keep a constant eye on the site. The number of  camera views displayed on the local iVENCS monitor is also customisable according to how many cameras the operator wishes to monitor at any one time. This can be extended to multiple monitors or to an iVENCS video wall if desired.  Soft joystick PTZ control is provided, as are PTZ camera presets.

Quick and Easy

Site control is quick and easy, using iVENCS integration with multiple systems. Operators can immediately make a live speech or recorded public address announcement to the area covered by a viewed CCTV camera, or can put messaging up on the local displays. If there are local microphone audio listening facilities, then this can also be controlled, either for third party monitors, or direct from the iVENCS CCTV monitor. 


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform


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