INTEGRA-03 Integrated Power Amplifier, DSP and Audio Matrix



INTEGRA-03 Integrated Power Amplifier, DSP and Audio Matrix

INTEGRA-03 provides 3 separate channels of high quality and efficient amplification, IP networking, digital signal processing and comprehensive control all in a single cost-effective wall mount enclosure.

The ergonomic design reduces the requirement for complex interconnecting cable looms. Simplifying delivery services such as procurement, design, build, configuration and test. Furthermore, the INTEGRA is extremely versatile when it comes to installation. This not only reduces the costs associated with cabinet supply but saves on expensive shipping and handling. Leading to lower overall system delivery costs and increased profitability. 

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ASL’s PMC audio over IP technology

INTEGRA supports ASL’s PMC audio over IP technology; providing uncompressed, low bandwidth, multi- channel, high definition audio. Using PMC, INTEGRA is ideal for remote Public Address application such as Long Line Public Address, where operators can simultaneously address multiple sites from a central location. PMC can be deployed over a standard layer 3 IP network, which enables distributed systems to be produced using existing standard infrastructure.

Maximum efficiency and low quiescent power

In the case of INTEGRA, a novel amplifier and power supply design combined with an innovative auto-sleep feature delivers maximum efficiency and low quiescent power consumption, without compromise. This represents a significant reduction in overall electrical power usage and minimises heat dissipation. Helping to further drive down upfront delivery and ongoing whole life costs, leading to measurable reductions in INTEGRA’s carbon footprint.

Flexible paging and background music

INTEGRA is the ideal choice when delivering flexible paging and background music into medium Voice Alarm installations; yet INTEGRA’s flexible SecureLoop IP networking,  and versatile wall mount design makes it equally suited to larger distributed applications. Plus INTEGRA interoperate seamlessly with ASL’s rack based VIPEDIA solution. Each amplifier module is capable of up to 500W, with a combined frame output of 2000W.

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