ILP02 Passive Induction Loop Panel




ILP02 Passive Induction Loop Panel

The ILP02 Induction Loop Panel delivers easily-heard announcements for people with hearing impediment.

Through the common Telecoil or T-coil of hearing aid devices and cochlear implant processors. The signal generated is an unmodulated AFIL (Audio Frequency Induction Loop) magnetic field.

The ILP02 is a wide-area counter-style device, as opposed to a bespoke room coil. It is designed to be easy to integrate into ASL PA/VA installations and so designed for constant-voltage amplifiers. The unit is fitted in areas requiring localised induction loop coverage, typically places where customers will wait. For installations like railway stations this could be Ticket Halls, platforms, passageways, and concourses. The ILP02 helps service providers comply with legislation such as the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act requirements for the hearing impaired, with minimal impact to the aesthetics of the site.

ILP02 - ASL Image

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The ILP02 can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling.

When wall-mounted, it is suitable for installation at 2.25 metres nominal height whereas when ceilingmounted it is suitable for installation at 2.5 metres nominal height.

Extended life, increased serviceability and reduced maintenance cost ​

Using a constant-voltage amplifier located in the PA (Public Address) rack ensures extended life, increased serviceability and reduced maintenance cost compared with integrated-amplifier solutions.​

Meets the Audio Frequency Induction Loop System Standard requirements.

The ILP02 is fully compliant with AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System) standard BS EN60118-4, and LUL Induction Loop specifications.


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