BPC130 130Ah / 10A Battery Charger Tray



BPC130 130Ah / 10A Battery Charger Tray

The BPC130 is a self-contained 24V DC 19” rack mounting battery backup system for use with a 230V AC mains supply

The battery pack provides 130AH of battery capacity, with a 6.5A recharge rate from the built-in charger unit, and with the charge voltage being temperature compensated to maximise battery life.

The BPC130 is designed to comply with EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16 and BS 5839-8, and is fully monitored to the requirements of EN 54-4 and BS 5839-8, including monitoring for a high battery resistance in order to predict that the batteries are approaching their end of life.

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All in one solution

 The unit comprises one charger tray, and either one or two battery trays with four 6V batteries. The BPC130 battery system for racks with 800 mm depth uses one charger tray and requires 8U of rack space. The BPC130 battery system for racks with 600 mm depth uses two battery trays and requires 13U of rack space

Fault indication

The fault indication is via LED indicators and a change-over relay fault output and include:

  • Mains, Battery & Charger Monitoring
  • EN54 Battery Resistance Monitoring
  • Change Over Relay Fault Output

DC power outputs

 The DC power outputs are connected to or disconnected from the attached systems by Miniature Circuit Breakers, with these being provided at the rear of the charger tray. As standard, eight 25A breakers and two 3A breakers are provided. The 25A outputs are normally used for connecting ASL Amplifier Mainframes1 while the 3A outputs are used with low current 24V DC powered equipment such as the ASL Voice Alarm Routers.


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