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Can you spot us on your London commute?

In November 1987, a devastating fire took hold at King’s Cross Underground Station. In response to the tragedy, London Underground Ltd (LUL) now TfL gave high priority to the installation of ASL Voice Alarm across all 130+ stations. Providing clear direction under normal operation or in the event of an emergency.

This has now been extended to include all of the DLR and a number of key bus stations. Ensuring ASL is with you almost every step of your commute.

You can hear us, but can you spot us on your commute?

ASL continues to provide ongoing support for installation, commissioning, and maintenance to delivery partners. ASL’s long-standing relationship with TfL is further strengthened through continued investment in research and product development. This includes the Station Announcement Point (SAP) microphone, Radio Microphone (RPA) and Induction Loop Panel (ILP) which are installed in their hundreds across the network. Some of which have been in continuous use for over 20 years.

Here are a few:


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