Joining Forces with Zenitel

ASL Joining forces

ASL and Zenitel have joined forces

Thanks to its strong offering in intercom and public address solutions, Zenitel is one of the technology leaders in intelligent critical communication. Joining forces with Zenitel will enable us to strengthen our market position. The combination of both product ranges will be a key benefit to deliver higher added value solutions to our end customers, offering a true turnkey solution. The ASL product offering and support by the ASL team remains unchanged.

Zenitel’s product offering consists of intercom and help point devices, IP speakers, public address & general alarm systems and integrated communication solutions for markets such as maritime, public safety, education, building security, retail, energy, healthcare, prisons, transportation and industry.

We are very excited about ASL joining the Zenitel group, and we are looking forward to growing the business together with our partners. Please contact us in case of any questions or remarks.

Sousan Azimrayat, Director ASL
Koen Claerbout, CEO & President Zenitel


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