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Theme Parks have extremely demanding audio requirements; they are large, require high sound pressure levels, but with quality audio, and have different operation modes depending on the time of year.

ASL audio systems are installed in a number of high profile Theme Parks around the globe. ASL understands the importance of unifying the sound system for both comfort and safety, enhancing the overall customer experience, whilst simplifying system delivery and ongoing maintenance. Our close collaborations with major power amplifier manufacturers and system integrators are just the ticket.

  • Security and operational staff can inform and engage
  • Fire and emergency staff can protect
  • Rides can entertain
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Installation and Operational Challenges

Modern theme parks pose considerable security, installation and operational challenges, so a unified and reliable safety and entertainment system is more important than ever. A flexible and scalable audio system is essential for these large sites, with both wide area and targeted announcements, plus external and internal coverage requirements. ASL meets and beats the requirements.

Combined EN 54 & Dante™

Theme Parks have traditionally used two or more separate audio systems: high power systems for large area coverage, targeted systems for queues and places where customers congregate, plus separate EN 54 compliant voice evacuation systems for the back of house.

Using Dante combined with ASL’s SecureLoop network, ASL meets all the  requirements with a single unified system solution.

Eliminate Downtime

ASL’s decentralized architecture, built-in redundancy and automatic hot standby systems provide high availability, to keep your park running. However, if something does go wrong, ASL’s modular hot-swap amplifier cards even allow maintenance while the system is live. While ASL’s ‘hardware bypass’ function enables local emergency microphones to operate even if the router’s DSP processing has failed.

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Protecting Visitors and Employees

With more than 25 years experience of designing and developing Public Address and Voice Alarm products for critical infrastructure applications, ASL offers peace of mind. You can rely on ASL solutions to work, and to continue working, throughout the life of the system.

Our PAVA systems will deliver the message to where it needs to be heard, when it needs to be heard.

Challenging Acoustics and Noisy Environments

ASL’s powerful DSP Digital Signal Processing provides sophisticated EQ Equalisation Controls, while DANS Dynamic Ambient Noise Sensors and continuous noise compensation technology enables broadcast intelligibility to be optimised to cater for varying real-time ambient noise levels.

Powerful Amplifiers and Dante Interfacing

ASL’s D500 amplifier module provides 500W RMS audio power, which is ample for most applications. If additional power is required on a single circuit, then integration with third-party non-EN 54 amplifiers is easy to achieve using ASL’s Dante interconnectivity.

Networking and Audio Distribution

Theme Parks cover large areas, often with equipment room nodes spaced widely apart. ASL’s IP networking capability and Dante both allow equipment installed in remote locations to operate together as a single system, using dedicated failure-resistant redundant copper or fibre IP networking.

Low Operational Costs

Proven reliability: With ASL’s first generation systems still installed and running. Long, reliable, product life means lower ownership costs and low whole life costs.

Efficient power supplies and amplifiers reduces lifetime energy usage, and reduces equipment room cooling requirements.

Future Expansion and Flexability

Theme parks are ever-changing and expanding. ASL’s future-proof audio-over-IP architecture and modular design simplifies installation, and allows systems to grow and adapt as your needs change.

Cyber Security

To secure the PAVA system and to ensure uninterrupted operation: ASL’s solution supports full encryption and authentication of control and audio data, including 2Factor authentication for tools and configuration management.

Sector-Specific Products

ASL combines close liaison with our customers and end users, technological innovation, and the comprehensive knowledge of our experienced team to tailor our products to industry-specific requirements, and to set new standards with our dedicated industry specific products. A few key examples are referenced below. All of which were designed to improve the experience of your staff and customers.

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Dynamic Volume Control

ASL’s DANS01 dynamic ambient noise sensor enables the PA volume level to be automatically adjusted in real time. These noise sensors feed audio from their PA zone back to the ASL router, where the DSP digital signal processor separates any broadcast audio from the ambient noise. Thus, the volume can be controlled in response to ambient noise, even during announcements.

This ensures the PA audio is at a comfortable level and intelligible, while also addressing any noise abatement issues, even if the noise level varies widely during a broadcast.

Dante™ & EN54 Integration

ASL’s hybrid EN 54 and Dante audio system provides EN 54-16 compliant evacuation coupled with the flexibility, programmability and functionality of a Dante entertainment system.

ASL’s integrated Dante audio solution allows up to 32 audio sources to be sent over high quality uncompressed, digital media channels, with near-zero latency and exceptional synchronization across large decentralised systems.

When you consider the advantages of hybrid EN 54 / Dante solutions, more and more use cases come to mind.

High Power Amplifiers

ASL’s D500 500W amplifier card uses a novel design which combines the excellent audio performance of a professional audio system – such as low noise and low distortion – with the high efficiency and low quiescent consumption needed for a battery-backed Life Safety System. This reduces lifetime energy usage, and reduces equipment room cooling requirements.

Where even more power is required, ASL’s Dante integration enables third party professional audio amplifiers to be used in conjunction with the ASL amplification and control equipment.


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform

iVENCS - Integrated Park Control

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Site Management System provides integrated distributed control

The iVENCS Control System has recently received an entire technology and GUI upgrade, consolidating its place at the forefront of the management of the public in large sites.

iVENCS is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform which offers robust control, monitoring and incident analysis across all safety, security and communications subsystems. Plus, in addition to the standard subsystems and functions, iVENCS provides the flexibility needed to provide custom integrations with industry-specific  and site-specific equipment.

The award-winning and unique true 3D GUI can show an accurate, fully scaled model of the whole site. The model’s pan, tilt, rotate and zoom controls allow the user to move the viewpoint at will, to any part of the 3D model and to any building, attraction, or floor, with seamless viewing from any position. This avoids other system’s need to split the GUI into multiple small 2D maps and false-3D building plans, requiring the operators to switch between many different maps in order to operate the site’s equipment.

Key Features:

  • Award-winning 3D or traditional 2D GUI
  • System schematics and dedicated subsystem controls
  • Consistent and simple to use functionality, for multiple systems
  • Industry and custom site-specific integrations
  • Ability to provide advertising content onto displays
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Distributed processing with multi-site redundancy
  • Modular system architecture; easily expandable
  • Cross-platform support
  • No ongoing license costs

Site operators need to monitor an ever-increasing number of subsystems, from fire detection to CCTV, PA to information displays, access control to intruder detection, and far more. ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System empowers both managers and operators to simultaneously control a multitude of systems. Via the intuitive 3D user interface, staff can keep a constant eye on the public and on the status of equipment around the site, are able to remotely control devices, and be alerted to any faults and devices that are in need of investigation.

iVENCS makes public and staff communications easier to manage, through auto-scheduled announcements, intelligent message builders, multi-lingual messaging, and information displays.


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