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ASL provides safety to your customers and keeps them entertained. With background music and targeted announcements, for a single outlet or an entire mall. ASL's scalable, flexible solutions can meet your needs, and keep your site under control.

Retail locations require Public Address and Voice Alarm systems to provide information to the customers and staff, and to play background music and advertising, while also ensuring the safety of the site and its occupants in emergencies.

With ever-expanding retail environments, the need for reliable safety and security systems, and the ability for the management staff to keep in control, is more important than ever before.

Scalable and Flexible

ASL’s PAVA solutions cater for expansive public spaces with ease, using built-in fibre-optic IP networking or Dante connectivity, for fast and reliable audio distribution across large spaces.

ASL’s redundant network and equipment technology safeguards the system’s operation even in the event of a system damage or widespread disruption.

As retail sites are constantly changing environments, ASL systems are designed with full flexibility in mind, offering easy expansion options to accommodate newly created spaces.

Site-wide Control

Retail sites have an ever-increasing number of subsystems to monitor, from fire detection systems to CCTV, Information and advertising displays and PA, Access Control and Intruder Detection, Lifts and Escalators.Increasing complexity means it’s easy for the site managers and staff to become confused, especially in emergencies which require rapid responses to protect the site and its occupants.

ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System empowers site managers and staff to keep everything under control.

Phased Evacuation

In large retail sites, traditional alarms such as fire bells can cause confusion, congested escape routes, and elongated evacuation times. ASL PAVA systems can save lives and enable selective evacuation of the site by managing phased evacuations. Different voice alarm messages are played into different areas, so that just a few areas of the building are evacuated at a time, directing the occupants to safety via a planned exit route.

Individual zones or areas of the building can also be manually addressed by emergency services, to help keep people calm, and to enable an orderly, safe,and rapid  response to the alert.

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Multilingual Support

ASL’s iVENCS Control System provides intelligent artificial messaging for retail sites. The iVENCS GUI can be translated into different languages, and announcements can be stored and played in multiple languages, including text to speech.

ASL’s microphone user interface is also available in a number of languages, and new languages can be added as required.


Challenging Acoustics and Noisy Enviroments

ASL’s powerful DSP Digital Signal Processing provides sophisticated EQ Equalisation Controls, while DANS Dynamic Ambient Noise Sensors and continuous noise compensation technology enables broadcast intelligibility to be optimised to cater for varying real-time ambient noise levels.

Powerful Amplifiers and Dante Interfacing

ASL’s D500 amplifier module provides 500W RMS audio power, which is ample for most applications. If additional power is required on a single circuit, then integration with third-party non-EN 54 amplifiers is easy to achieve using ASL’s Dante interconnectivity.

Entertainment and Safety

ASL’s professional audio PAVA systems provide high quality background music, to ensure a relaxing and consistent customer experience, as well as providing the highest standards of safety.

Local control of music source and volume allows tenanted areas to create their own ambience. without the need for a separate system, and without loss of control to the site staff.

Networking and Audio Distribution

Retail sites can cover large areas, often with equipment room nodes spaced widely apart at opposite sides or ends of the site. ASL’s networking capability allows equipment installed in remote locations to operate together as a single system, using dedicated failure-resistant redundant copper or fibre IP networking.

Low Operational Costs

Proven reliability: With ASL’s first generation systems still installed and running. Long, reliable, product life means lower ownership costs and low whole life costs.

Efficient power supplies and amplifiers reduces lifetime energy usage, and reduces equipment room cooling requirements.

Easy Migration to ASL

ASL understands that PA migration come with risks and often happen in stages. ASL systems can readily work with existing third-party PA systems either during a changeover phase or on a permanent basis to manage risk in a predictable way.

Cyber Security

To secure the PAVA system and to ensure uninterrupted operation: ASL’s solution supports full encryption and authentication of control and audio data, including 2Factor authentication for tools and configuration management.

Sector-Specific Products

ASL combines close liaison with our customers and end users, technological innovation, and the comprehensive knowledge of our experienced team to tailor our products to industry-specific requirements, and to set new standards with our dedicated industry specific products. A few key examples are referenced below. All of which were designed to improve the experience of your staff and customers.

Single Box Wall Mount PAVA

Lower installation costs and a considerably smaller footprint than a typical 19″ rack makes ASL’s powerful but compact wall-mount INTEGRA PAVA system ideal for retail sites where installation space is at a premium.

The INTEGRA is based on the same powerful DSP router as ASL’s rack mount systems, and can be fitted with amplifiers for up to ten PAVA zones with a maximum total power of 2000W RMS, so small size doesn’t mean low feature or low power.

Building Management

ASL’s PAVA systems can be combined with ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System for comprehensive building management. The iVENCS control system is normally run from dual-redundant servers, and allows users at multiple workstations to monitor and control a multitude of subsystems around the building, including fire detection and safety systems, CCTV, access control, intruder detection, information and advertising displays, telecoms, network monitoring and more.

Vandal-Resistant Microphones

ASL’s SAP range of microphones are housed in IP65 vandal-resistant, lockable, stainless steel wall-mounting boxes, making them ideal for public areas. The SAP02 is a single-zone microphone, while the SAP03 provides ten function and zone selection buttons. The SAP02 can also house an ASL RMR02 Radio Microphone Receiver, to enable radio microphone announcements to be made in addition to the SAP’s standard fist microphone announcements.

For emergency use there is also a red coloured variant of this microphone, the EAP01.


The iVENCS Control Software is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform

iVENCS - Integrated Site Control

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Site Management System provides integrated distributed control

The iVENCS Control System has recently received an entire technology and GUI upgrade, consolidating its place at the forefront of the management of the public in large sites.

iVENCS is a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform which offers robust control, monitoring and incident analysis across all safety, security and communications subsystems. Plus, in addition to the standard subsystems and functions, iVENCS provides the flexibility needed to provide custom integrations with industry-specific  and site-specific equipment.

iVENCS provides the ability to integrate and simplify the control of all aspects of mall management, with powerful and simple to use telecoms and security controls. System control and monitoring can be provided at a central control room and at distributed workstations, all running from multiple redundant servers. Customised staff information screens and mall overview video walls can be provided, which combine alarm and status reporting with CCTV views.

The award-winning and unique true 3D GUI can show an accurate, fully scaled model of the whole mall. The model’s pan, tilt, rotate and zoom controls allow the user to move the viewpoint at will, to any part of the 3D model and to any floor, with seamless viewing from any position. This avoids other system’s need to split the mall GUI into multiple small 2D maps and false-3D building plans, requiring the operators to switch between many different maps in order to operate the site’s equipment.

Key Features:

  • Award-winning 3D or traditional 2D GUI
  • System schematics and dedicated subsystem controls
  • Consistent and simple to use functionality, for multiple systems
  • Industry and custom site-specific integrations
  • Ability to provide advertising content onto displays
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Distributed processing with multi-site redundancy
  • Modular system architecture; easily expandable
  • Cross-platform support
  • No ongoing license costs

Mall operators need to monitor an ever-increasing number of subsystems, from fire detection to CCTV, PA to information displays, access control to intruder detection, and far more. ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System empowers both managers and operators to simultaneously control a multitude of systems. Via the intuitive 3D user interface, staff can keep a constant eye on the public and on the status of equipment around the site, are able to remotely control devices, and be alerted to any faults and devices that are in need of investigation.

iVENCS makes public and staff communications easier to manage, through auto-scheduled announcements, intelligent message builders, multi-lingual messaging, and information displays.

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