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Site and Long Line Control

Flexible and Powerful Long Line PA and Customer Information systems, and advanced Facility, Site and Station Management Systems.

The iVENCS Control System has recently received an entire technology and GUI upgrade, consolidating its place at the forefront of site and long line control.

ASL’s iVENCS Control System is an open and intuitive integrated management platform. Offering comprehensive control, remote condition monitoring, and incident analysis across all transport and site safety, security and communications subsystems. Individually installable subsystem modules enable iVENCS to  be used as a Long Line Public Address or Customer Information System, as a CCTV or Help Point system, for Remote Condition Monitoring, or as an entire integrated SMS, Site or Station Management System, compete with an integrated system overview video and information wall.

iVENCS is the go to solution for easy to use and powerful operation of installations, including train stations and lines, airports, and oil and gas platforms, or complex multi-site transport hubs across a country.

Core functions:

  • Award-winning 3D GUI
  • System schematics and dedicated subsystem controls
  • Consistent and simple to use functionality, for multiple systems
  • Remote Condition Monitoring

The award-winning and unique true 3D user interface can show an area map or site plan, an accurate fully scaled model of a building, or even a rail line which shows the train locations, and provides drill down to realistic 3D station and train GUIs, to include on-train monitoring and control.

iVENCS Brochure - ASL Image

2D or true 3D GUI

iVENCS can be used with either a traditional ‘flat’ 2D control GUI, with a true 3D site and building UI, or a mix of both.

The 2D GUI option provides a traditional ‘flat’ or pseudo-3D display for use in simple installations. This can be used to show displays such as simple floor plans for a building, a large site map, or a railway line map.

iVENCS’ award winning and unique true 3D GUI option can show an accurate fully scaled model of the whole site or building.

The 3D pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom controls allow the user to move their viewpoint at will, to any part of the 3D model, with seamless viewing from any position. The GUI avoids the need to jump between different 2D maps and zoom levels, as with traditional control systems.

Line & Station Management

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Line and Station Management System (LSMS) provides and entirely integrated distributed control system,  built upon ASL’s established iVENCS Control Software.

The LSMS provides the ability to control and monitor all aspects of Line, Depot, Station and On-Train systems with full integration with your Train Control and Signalling System. The LSMS can provide powerful Operational Control Centre (OCC) and local station workstations, plus Line Overview Video Walls which combine alarm and status reporting with CCTV views, and can also be combined with the signalling system’s line map. Integrating the iVENCS LSMS with your Train and Signalling Control system enables the trains to be managed at the required Safety Integrity Level, while IVENCS provides the operators at the OCC and at the stations with powerful and simple to use telecoms and security controls.

Flexible Implementation

iVENCS can be used with any number of workstations, with a single workstation, or with multiple redundant servers and workstations at remote locations. Typically each workstation will have between one and four HD resolution widescreen monitors, with more monitors enabling more subsystem GUIs to be viewed and operated at once.

Both the servers and workstations run on either Windows or Linux PCs, and the system can be supplied with either dual or multiple redundant hardware. Additionally the iVENCS servers may be run virtualised in an organisation’s data centre.

For simple applications an iVENCS system can be built using a single workstation, with the server and workstation software running on a single PC. At the other end of the scale, for very large systems the modular nature of the software and XMPP inter-module IP communications enables multiple server systems to be built with an almost unlimited number of monitoring and control points.

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