ASL- Lewes FC

ASL becomes official Audio Partner for Lewes Football Club

Taking place at The Dripping Pan, home of The Rooks, Lewes’ own football club, a sponsorship deal between ASL and Lewes Football Club was finalised in true football fashion, with both parties holding one side of a Lewes football shirt, signed by the players. The shirt now proudly hangs, framed in the ASL offices, serving as a reminder of the company’s dedication to the local community.

As the official Audio Partner of Lewes F.C, ASL promises to provide audio equipment, consultancy, and ongoing maintenance support. Phase one of this plan was focused on ensuring the protection and engagement of fans. For this, ASL delivered a comprehensive upgrade to their existing audio system, implementing a zoned Voice Alarm system that offers better intelligibility and clarity to enhance the user experience. Another key consideration was the improvement of the system’s reliability to assure staff, fans and the team’ safety. Henry Rawlins, Application Manager at ASL emphasises that “the fans can enjoy the enhanced atmosphere and take comfort in the fact that the system is protecting them and the team 24/7.”

This is only the start. In phase two, ASL will apply their expertise in stadia to further improve the audible experience, keeping it in line with the high standard of performance seen on the pitch. This is the start of a long-standing relationship between the two companies. Sousan Azimrayat, Director of ASL, is thrilled with this, stating “The Lewes F.C. team are very dedicated to their cause and a delight to work with. It’s amazing what can be achieved when people come together.”

When asked how this partnership came about, Trevor Wells, one of the directors of the club noted, “Our previous audio system had run its course and required a considerable overhaul to bring it in line with the standards of the league, which requires a functioning PA and VA system for safety reasons.” ASL, also based in Lewes, were more than happy to offer their expertise. Charlie Dobres, also on the board of directors, echoes this sentiment: “It was a pleasant surprise when we discovered that ASL was a local company. Sometimes you just don’t know what’s in your own backyard! We’re always trying to improve the matchday experience, and sound is an extremely important part of that. We’re excited about our partnership with ASL because we need a sound system that is state-of-the-art: where both speech intelligibility and music are crystal clear.”

ASL- Lewes FC

It’s clear that Lewes F.C. have their priorities in order, placing a heavy emphasis on improving the user experience. This is perhaps one of the reasons why The Dripping Pan is extremely beloved – voted ‘The Fans Club’ for back-to-back seasons. Throughout the lockdowns imposed by COVID-19, support for the club stayed strong, with an overwhelming majority of the fans opting to retain their season ticket. ASL are proud to be a part of the concerted effort to propel this local club, and what it stands for, forward. The club has ambitions to play at the highest, most visible level to prove that it is possible for elite football to have social purpose at its core. Azimrayat passionately insists: “I believe investing in our community ensures a better future for us all.”

However, being situated in the same town is not all that ASL and Lewes F.C. have in common. Lewes F.C. are pioneers in the field of equality. They are the first, and currently only, gender-equal club in the world, where resources are shared equally between the women’s and men’s teams. This sense of integrity extends to their structure as well, as Lewes F.C. is 100% fan-owned, and not-for-profit. ASL firmly shares this passion for equality, which makes the two companies a perfect match. Similar values of equality are reflected in ASL’s ethos, promoting diversity in a heavily male-dominated industry. Azimrayat elaborates on this: “Diversity is a cornerstone of our company culture and is evident in all we do. It’s key to lead by example, and we stand united with Lewes F.C. on this front: equal opportunity is not just preferable, it is essential!”

With a new, booming sound system and support stronger than ever, Lewes F.C. is positioned well for the upcoming season.


The ASL team wishes all squads the best of luck in their fixtures and will be cheering from the sidelines.  

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