ASL products are now available to download as BIM objects!

View our video here to see what models we have available.

What is BIM?

A BIM (Building Information Management) object is a digital representation of a product or a material. It is composed of a 3D geometry together with metadata or properties that describe: the type of object, its material, its classification, its performance and its life duration, among other things. In reference to CAD, it is said that BIM object is the equivalent of a geometry, but with much more data and intelligence It is often referred to as a family in Revit or a GDL object in ArchiCAD.

There are generally two types of BIM objects : generical ones and specific ones.

Generical objects are standard objects usually included in libraries delivered with CAD software. They are often used as stand-ins during the design stage of a project, until the specific object(s) become available. In some cases, they are used in the final digital model, if a specific object is not required.

Specific objects, or manufacturer objects, are a virtual representation of a real product. Product characteristics and metadata, specified by the manufacturer, are embedded in the object, manufacturer. These objects are rarely used at conception phase or at the beginning of the design, but are often put in place during the final stages of the project design.

BIM objects should ideally be provided by manufacturers, and also be made available in Open BIM IFC format; so they could be uploaded and modified with / by other CAD software and estate management solutions. Properties of these objects should respect international standards to facilitate interoperability.

Why is BIM useful?

With an aim to see everyone using the same platform and files across the construction industry, BIM helps to improve workflow processes and allows people to work together more efficiently and to shorter timescales.

How do I download BIM objects of ASL products?

You can download them directly from our website. Simply navigate to the product you need the BIM object of, starting from the Products tab in the header, and click on the Downloads tab for that product.